Commit e8a2d701 authored by Pablo Viñals's avatar Pablo Viñals
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quick fix

parent 95a120cd
......@@ -124,23 +124,13 @@ class AppSession(ApplicationSession):"Subscribed to topic ''")
def onJoin(self, details):"Connection details: {details}", details=details)
def printParams(topic, args, kwargs):"Args and kwargs for {topic}:", topic = topic)"args received: {msg}", msg=args)"kwargs received: {msg}", msg=kwargs)
## Resgistration to topic onEvent
def onEvent(*args, **kwargs):
def onMqtt(*args, **kwargs):
printParams("", args, kwargs)
printParams("com.mqtt.event", args, kwargs)
sub = yield self.subscribe(onEvent, u'com.mqtt.event')
sub = yield self.subscribe(onMqtt, u'com.mqtt.event')"Subscribed to topic 'com.mqtt.event'")
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