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UbikSim has been developed by:
* Juan A. Bota , juanbot[at]
* Juan A. Bota , juanbot[at]
* Pablo Campillo, pablocampillo[at]
* Francisco Campuzano, fjcampuzano[at]
* Emilio Serrano, emilioserra [at]
......@@ -24,3 +23,54 @@ This file is part of UbikSimIDE.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with UbikSimIDE. If not, see <>
For the project MOSI-AGIL we have introduced the emergencies situation,
where we can define different parameters for its configuration. Also have
been defined some actuation codes for the groups of people in order to find
the one with the best performance. In order to achieve this the Ubik class
has been extended as EscapeSim, which introduces the emergency and people
behaviour (during emergencies).
Simulation configuration:
For the simulation's configuration it is needed to modify the file
config.props. In this file are defined the people to be placed in the
simulation, and the emergency characteristics.
config.props configuration:
Emergency configuration:
The emergency offers 5 configuration parameters
* xfire & yfire: Where we can set the coordinates for the emergency initial
* sizefire: This variable sets the original size of the emergency
* speedfire: This variable sets the spread speed for the fire
* delayfire: This variable sets the time before the fire starts in the
All this variables are load when the simulation parameters are setted, load
in Ubik.class in the constructor of the Ubik object and then requested in
the class in the constructor for the fire configuration.
For the people insertion and their behaviour we have the following values:
* personloc: this variable is used for the place or people in defined
coordinates. It follows the following format:
* population: defines a number of people to be setted around the map in
random coordinates.
* behavior: it offers a different set of behaviors to choose specified in
the config.props file (mindist, maxdistfire, leastload, bestsol)
This variables are also loaded at the ubik constructor and used at the
start method in the EscapeSim.class
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