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`<yasgui-ui>` is a web component designed to ask SPARQL queries where you can select your endpoint.
### Usage
This web component accepts the following parameters:
endpoint="<!-- your SPARQL endpoint -->"
queries="<!-- your predefined queries in JSON format -->">
Query example:
[{"name":"Number of teams where players playing in Atlético de Madrid have played", "val":"PREFIX p: <>\nSELECT ?player COUNT(?clubs) WHERE {\n ?player p:currentclub <ético_Madrid> .\n ?player p:position ?position .\n ?player p:clubs ?clubs \n }"}]
### Installation
This web component is available in bower.
$ bower install yasgui-polymer
This command will install it inside `bower_components` folder
Remember to edit your `elements.html` with this component.
Supports Markdown
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