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This is the **Hello Senpy!** plugin.
In every request, it will replace the text of each entry with the contents of `data/datos.txt`.
## Upload
This is an example, in order to upload your plugin you must put your data (datasets, pickle, etc) inside the `/data` folder. Note, that all pickles must have their generation code process.
* First, you have to contact the in order to create two repositories. One of them is for the data and the other one for the source code. Clone these repositories into your machine.
* Move your data to each repository, the data into the data repository and the source code into the other one.
* Inside the source code repository, you have to link the data repository into a submodule inside it. This can be done with git submodule.
git submodule add ../data/<your-plugin-name> ./data
* Push both repositories. If data files are huge (order GB), you should contact the administrator for loading them with Git LFS.
## Installation
* Download
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