Commit 9b956b23 authored by drevicko's avatar drevicko Committed by J. Fernando Sánchez
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uses emotionML vocab names for VAD dimensions

parent 83ddd5e9
......@@ -30,9 +30,9 @@ centroids_direction:
- emoml:big6
- emoml:pad
aliases: # These are aliases for any key in the centroid, to avoid repeating a long name several times
A: emoml:arousal
V: emoml:valence
D: emoml:dominance
A: emoml:pad-dimensions:arousal
V: emoml:pad-dimensions:pleasure
D: emoml:pad-dimensions:dominance
anger: emoml:big6anger
disgust: emoml:big6disgust
fear: emoml:big6fear
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