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Quick note about using and installing

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......@@ -12,9 +12,43 @@ Sentiment analysis web services using a common interface: NIF+JSON-LD.
With Senpy, you can easily turn your sentiment analysis algorithm into a web service, just by creating a new plugin.
`DEMO on Heroku <>`_
The stable version can be installed via pip:
`DEMO on Heroku <>`_
.. code:: bash
pip install senpy
Alternatively, you can use the development version:
.. code:: bash
git clone
cd senpy
pip install -r requirements.txt
To install it system-wide, use setuptools:
.. code:: bash
python install
You can use the modules included in senpy to build your own application.
However, the easiest and recommended way is to just use the command-line tool to load your plugins and launch the server.
.. code:: bash
python -m senpy
This will create a server with any modules found in the current path.
For more options, see the `--help` page.
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