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update _forward_conversion docstring + minor edits

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......@@ -35,17 +35,20 @@ class CentroidConversion(EmotionConversionPlugin):
super(CentroidConversion, self).__init__(info)
def _forward_conversion(self, original):
"""Sum the VAD value of all categories found weighted by intensity. """
"""Sum the VAD value of all categories found weighted by intensity.
Intensities are scaled by onyx:maxIntensityValue if it is present, else maxIntensityValue is assumed to be one.
Emotion entries that do not have onxy:hasEmotionIntensity specified are assumed to have maxIntensityValue.
Emotion entries that do not have onyx:hasEmotionCategory specified are ignored."""
res = Emotion()
maxIntensity = float(original.get("onyx__maxIntensityValue",1))
sumIntensities = 0
neutralPoint = self.get("origin",None)
for e in original.onyx__hasEmotion:
category = e.onyx__hasEmotionCategory
category = e.get("onyx__hasEmotionCategory", None)
if category is None:
intensity = e.get("onyx__hasEmotionIntensity",maxIntensity)/maxIntensity
if intensity == 0:
sumIntensities += intensity
centoid = self.centroids.get(category,None)
if centroid:
for dim, value in centroid.items():
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