Commit f6271495 authored by drevicko's avatar drevicko Committed by J. Fernando Sánchez
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use emoionml names for fsre and pad dimensions

This lines up the names in the conversion plugins with the [emotionML suggested vocab](

emoml has different names for the 4-dimensional fsre scheme and the 3-dimensional vad scheme, which this pull request has added.

I've added the "unpredictability" dimension and mapped big6:surprise to it's maximum value. The assumption is that surprise varies between 5 and 10 to be in line with the other dimensions (no such thing as negative surprise, so no values less than 5). I see that arousal also has all values >5 (so no negative arousal). Ideally, surprise mappings for V, A and D should be calculated empirically - I think there'll be some arousal and possibly slightly lowered dominance.

I wonder if we should use another colon in the emoml names, eg: "emoml:fsredim:valence" or "emoml:big6:happiness", since the [emoml suggested vocab]( only specifies names like "happiness" in a category "big6" (ie: it's hard to know which is the category in "big6happiness").
We'd have to go through the example plugins and make sure they also conform...

open to discussion on this btw...

ps: apologies for multiple changes in this one pr..
parent 1cccd9d5
......@@ -2,38 +2,50 @@
name: Ekman2FSRE
module: senpy.plugins.conversion.emotion.centroids
description: Plugin to convert emotion sets from Ekman to VAD
version: 0.1
version: 0.2
# No need to specify onyx:doesConversion because adds it automatically from centroids_direction
A: 6.95
D: 5.1
V: 2.7
S: 5.0
A: 5.3
D: 8.05
V: 2.7
S: 5.0
A: 6.5
D: 3.6
V: 3.2
S: 5.0
A: 7.22
D: 6.28
V: 8.6
S: 5.0
A: 5.21
D: 2.82
V: 2.21
S: 5.0
A: 5.0
D: 5.0
V: 5.0
S: 10.0
- emoml:big6
- emoml:fsre-dimensions
aliases: # These are aliases for any key in the centroid, to avoid repeating a long name several times
A: emoml:arousal
V: emoml:valence
D: emoml:dominance
A: emoml:fsre-dimensions:arousal
V: emoml:fsre-dimensions:valence
D: emoml:fsre-dimensions:potency
S: emoml:fsre-dimensions:unpredictability
anger: emoml:big6anger
disgust: emoml:big6disgust
fear: emoml:big6fear
happiness: emoml:big6happiness
sadness: emoml:big6sadness
\ No newline at end of file
sadness: emoml:big6sadness
surprise: emoml:big6surprise
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