Commit f8ca595b authored by militarpancho's avatar militarpancho
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Added chunker plugin to tokenize texts

parent 312e7f7f
from senpy.plugins import AnalysisPlugin
from senpy.models import Entry
from nltk.tokenize.punkt import PunktSentenceTokenizer
from nltk.tokenize.simple import LineTokenizer
import nltk
class ChunkerPlugin(AnalysisPlugin):
def activate(self):'punkt')
def analyse_entry(self, entry, params):
chunker_type = params.get("type", "sentence")
original_id =
original_text = entry.get("text", None)
if chunker_type == "sentence":
tokenizer = PunktSentenceTokenizer()
chars = tokenizer.span_tokenize(original_text)
for i, sentence in enumerate(tokenizer.tokenize(original_text)):
e = Entry()
e.text = sentence = original_id + "#char={},{}".format(chars[i][0], chars[i][1])
yield e
if chunker_type == "paragraph":
tokenizer = LineTokenizer()
chars = tokenizer.span_tokenize(original_text)
for i, paragraph in enumerate(tokenizer.tokenize(original_text)):
e = Entry()
e.text = paragraph
chars = [char for char in chars] = original_id + "#char={},{}".format(chars[i][0], chars[i][1])
yield e
name: chunker
module: chunker
description: A sample plugin that chunks input text
author: "@militarpancho"
version: '0.1'
url: ""
requirements: {nltk}
- type
- t
required: false
default: sentence
- sentence
- paragraph
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