1. 06 Jan, 2018 2 commits
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      Last batch of big changes · 3e2b8bae
      J. Fernando Sánchez authored
      * Add Box plugin (i.e. black box)
      * Add SentimentBox, EmotionBox and MappingMixin
      * Refactored CustomDict
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      Macro commit · 21a5a3f2
      J. Fernando Sánchez authored
      * Fixed Options for extra_params in UI
      * Enhanced meta-programming for models
      * Plugins can be imported from a python file if they're named
      `senpy_<whatever>.py>` (no need for `.senpy` anymore!)
      * Add docstings and tests to most plugins
      * Read plugin description from the docstring
      * Refactor code to get rid of unnecessary `.senpy`s
      * Load models, plugins and utils into the main namespace (see __init__.py)
      * Enhanced plugin development/experience with utils (easy_test, easy_serve)
      * Fix bug in check_template that wouldn't check objects
      * Make model defaults a private variable
      * Add option to list loaded plugins in CLI
      * Update docs