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      Estimate VAD by weighted average · 53138e69
      drevicko authored
      Does a weighted average of centroids.
      If intensity sums to zero for a category, a 'neutral' category is used or 0 if it's not present. I'm not 100% sure this is the best approach, and the name of the "neutral" category perhaps should use some convention?
      Note that if there are no categories present, then no VAD (or other dimensional) estimate is returned. It may be better to use the neutral centroid if it's present in this case also.
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      Deployment changes · ba2e1812
      J. Fernando Sánchez authored
      * Docker all the things!
      * Make all the things!
      * Fixed version.sh
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      Loads of changes! · 9f6a6f5e
      J. Fernando Sánchez authored
      * Added conversion plugins (API might change!)
      * Added conversion to the analysis pipeline
      * Changed behaviour of --default-plugins (it adds conversion plugins regardless)
      * Added emotionModel [sic] and emotionConversion models
      //TODO add conversion tests
      //TODO add conversion to docs