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This repository has a demo for SOMEDI project. In this demo we are going to track Restaurantes Lateral brand on social media.
Clone this repository and change to lateral-demo branch:
.. code:: bash
git clone
git checkout -b lateral-demo
git pull origin lateral-demo
Build and run the docker images:
.. code:: bash
docker-compose up --build
NOTE: This command may require sudo
Loading backup data
Run this python script inside docker image to get backup data:
.. code:: bash
docker-compose exec gsicrawler python
NOTE: This command may require sudo
Services available
Senpy: This analysis service demo is available on http://localhost:5000/
Somedi dashboard: This visualization demo environment provides a dashboard for Somedi project and is available on http://localhost:8080.
Orchestrator: Luigi provides a web interface to check your workflows status on http://localhost:8082
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