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Updated makefiles from senpy

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These makefiles are recipes for several common tasks in different types of projects.
To add them to your project, simply do:
git remote add makefiles ssh://
git subtree add --prefix=.makefiles/ makefiles master
touch Makefile
echo "include .makefiles/" >> Makefile
Now you can take advantage of the recipes.
For instance, to add useful targets for a python project, just add this to your Makefile:
include .makefiles/
You may need to set special variables like the name of your project or the python versions you're targetting.
Take a look at each specific `.mk` file for more information, and the `Makefile` in the [senpy]( project for a real use case.
If you update the makefiles from your repository, make sure to push the changes for review in upstream (this repository):
make makefiles-push
It will automatically commit all unstaged changes in the .makefiles folder.
git remote add makefiles ssh:// || true
makefiles-commit: makefiles-remote
git add -f .makefiles
git commit -em "Updated makefiles from ${NAME}"
makefiles-push: makefiles-commit
git subtree push --prefix=.makefiles/ makefiles $(NAME)
makefiles-pull: makefiles-remote
git subtree pull --prefix=.makefiles/ makefiles master --squash
.PHONY:: makefiles-remote makefiles-commit makefiles-push makefiles-pull
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