Commit 61f7265e authored by J. Fernando Sánchez's avatar J. Fernando Sánchez
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Remove submodule

parent b0a79376
[submodule "readthedocs/gsicrawler"]
path = readthedocs/gsicrawler
url =
[submodule "readthedocs/senpy"]
path = readthedocs/senpy
url =
[submodule "readthedocs/orchestrator"]
path = readthedocs/orchestrator
url =
[submodule "gsicrawler"]
path = gsicrawler
url =
[submodule "senpy"]
path = senpy
url =
[submodule "orchestrator"]
path = orchestrator
url =
orchestrator @ bff06cc1
Subproject commit bff06cc179745c434e63d06f7a7650a2aa4b6fa1
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