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      limit ci jobs to docker runners · d70a0c86
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      Fix CI syntax · 625c28e4
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      Fix multithreading · 9749f4ca
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      Multithreading needs pickling to work.
      Pickling/unpickling didn't work in some situations, like when the
      environment_agents parameter was left blank.
      This was due to two reasons:
      1) agents and history didn't have a setstate method, and some of their
      attributes cannot be pickled (generators, sqlite connection)
      2) the environment was adding generators (agents) to its state.
      This fixes the situation by restricting the keys that the environment exports
      when it pickles, and by adding the set/getstate methods in agents.
      The resulting pickles should contain enough information to inspect
      them (history, state values, etc), but very limited.
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      Fix bug parallel · 3526fa29
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      Fix quickstart.rst markdown code · 53604c1e
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      Merge branch 'refactor-imports' · 01cc8e91
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      * remove leftover import in example
      * Update quickstart tutorial
      * Add gitlab-ci
      * Added missing gexf for tests
      * Upgrade to python3.7 and pandas 0.3.4 because pandas has dropped support for
        python 3.4 -> There are some API changes in pandas, and I've updated the code
      * Set pytest as the default test runner
      * Update dockerignore
      * Skip testing long examples (>1000 steps)
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      merge visualization branch · 9165979b
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      The web server is included as a submodule.
      The dependencies for the web (tornado) are not installed by default, but they
      can be installed as an extra:
      pip install soil[web]
      Once installed, the soil web can be used like this:
      python -m soil.web
      There are other minor changes:
      * History re-connects to the sqlite database if it is used from a different
      * Environment accepts additional parameters (so it can run simulations with
      `visualization_params` or any other in the future).
      * The simulator class is no longer necessary
      * Logging is done in the same thread, and the simulation is run in a separate
      one. This had to be done because it was creating some problems with tornado not
      being able to find the current thread during logs, which caused hundreds of
      repeated lines in the web "console".
      * The player is slightly modified in this version. I noticed that when the
        visualization was playing, if you clicked somewhere it would change for a
        second, and then go back to the previous place. The code for the playback
        seemed too complex, especially speed control, so I rewrote some parts. I
        might've introduced new bugs.
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      Squashed 'soil/web/' content from commit 4dcd0fcb · 8fec5447
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      git-subtree-dir: soil/web
      git-subtree-split: 4dcd0fcb
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